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17th May 2009

1:01pm: Go Wings!
Lily and I are getting ready to watch some hockey.

2nd October 2008

9:47am: Most recent comission
Some may call this "Coco".

I think I'll call it "October Car Payment"
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Current Mood: Coffee

27th August 2008

2:17pm: So not fair.
I've never been so jealous of a dog.

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30th July 2008

9:48am: Please Help These Babies Come Home
Back in November, a good friend of ours had his children stolen from him by their mother. She kidnapped little Emma and Arthur and took them to France. It has now been almost 9 months since the children have been out of the country. In this time their father has been constantly traveling back and forth to France trying to bring them back here where they belong. Not only has this been emotionally trying but it has also been financially draining.

In order to help him out with some of the court and travel costs we are having a benefit for him. Saturday August 23 at Baily Corcaigh down in Cork Town at the corner of Bagley and Trumball. Everyone is welcome, so please join us in our quest to bring these babies home. Donations will be accepted at the door. There will be a also be a silent auction with some really cool stuff.

Please help. Emma and Arthur need you.

Also, I'm rounding up donations all the way up until the 23rd of August. Please let me know if you'd like to donate.

15th July 2008

8:39am: Today is Cassie's birthday. She would've been 23.
Current Mood: sad

14th July 2008

8:31am: Most recent commissions
These are the two newest dog paintings that I've finished.

title or description

title or description

Next, a little fluffy mutt named Coco.

20th June 2008

7:55am: Sonofabitch!
I just found out that Sigur Ros is coming to Detroit on September 23rd.
Tickets go on sale at 9 am today.

Why couldn't it be next week when I get paid.
I hope they're still available then.
Current Mood: annoyed

8th June 2008

4:16pm: Gonzo Awesomeness!

6th June 2008

9:23pm: Penguin Ike
This one's for count_croakula and any other penguin lovers.

While unpacking stuff today Katie came across a penguin hat that we bought Ike when he was a puppy.

I think it's a bit too small now.

Penguin Ike was not amused.

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5th June 2008

12:40pm: I think I might have a problem . . .
Somebody needs to stage an intervention.

I have 28 different kinds of tea in my cupboard.

I really like tea.

I can't help it. It runs in my British blood.

So, who's coming over for a tea party?

3rd June 2008

12:26pm: Beware of dog
When I work from home Ike usually sits next to me keeping me safe from all the evils of the world.

Worst. Watchdog. Ever.

The idiot fell asleep sitting up.

title or description

He's such a weirdo.

2nd June 2008

10:59am: Hideous Mutant Freak
Having a mutated sideshow freak foot has had it's advantages in the past.
It's fun at parties, chicks dig it, and it helps me get in all the exclusive clubs.
I came to terms long ago that I'll never fulfill my dreams of being a marathon runner and a foot model. I learned to live with it and I know my limits.

Well, not this weekend. I think I pushed my deformity a bit too far.
Walking on my weak ankle while carrying heavy boxes may have been too much. Every step that I take is extremely painful. I'm sitting down right now and I can feel random jolts of pain shoot through my bones. This really sucks.
Last night I actually used my cane to walk around the house. I hate the fact that I'm 34 and may need a cane. The doctors expected this about 10 years ago, so I guess I can't bitch too much.

Hopefully it's nothing major and I just need to go easy on it for a few days.
I really don't want to have surgery again.

22nd May 2008

5:15pm: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
I was just reading the list of this years canceled TV shows.

They canceled KID NATION!!! I'm not a fan of reality TV but I was really enjoying Lord Of The Flies Kid Nation. Nothing makes me smile more than seeing a young child's hopes and dreams get crushed on national television.

21st May 2008

8:46am: Being a grown up is strange.
I bought a house yesterday. What the fuck!
Responsibility is weird. I feel like I'm finally a grown up.

I need to tackle more adult things like tying my shoes on my own and learning how to tell time.
Just kidding. I'm a child of the '80s. I have digital clocks and velcro.

Katie and I were thinking about heading down to The Whiskey in Hamtramck this Friday. Come join us for a few drinks. I know the Whiskeys a shithole but I love the place. As always I'm open to other suggestions if anything else is going on.
Current Mood: tired

19th May 2008

1:40pm: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. . . . . . .
Today is ridiculous.
I feel as though time has completely stopped. I hate days like this.
I'm leaving early but then I know I'll end up working a few hours from home tonight.

Well, we close on the house tomorrow so if anyone wants to help us move I'll supply the pizza and the beer.
Don't fret kids we'll still be in the same area just about a mile and a half North.

I'm rambling.

I want to just go home finish my painting, read a book, or play with my dogs.
I can't. I packed up everything already. Lots of boxes of books, art stuff and dogs.

Don't worry, I poked some holes in the dogs box. I hope it was the right box.
I should probably check.

Okay, enough jibber jabber, time to look like I'm working.

3rd March 2008

4:29pm: Spread the word!
Once again March is upon us. That can only mean one thing, yes, that's right, it's MUSTACHE AWARENESS MONTH!
Grow those mustaches! Let's bring back the manliness that is the mustache! They're not just for porn stars and policeman anymore! Think of all the greats that have worn a macho 'stache in the past, Charlie Chaplin, Groucho Marx, Clark Gable, Burt Reynolds, Tom Selleck, and the guy from Brawny paper towels.
Embrace the mustache, share the mustache, love the mustache.

"A man without a mustache is no longer a man"
-Guy de Maupassant 1883

10th February 2008

2:51pm: Michigan sucks!
I hate this weather.
It's roughly ten degrees outside with 45 mph winds.

Tomorrow morning when I leave for work it'll still be very windy but the temp will be about 4 degrees.

I need to move somewhere warm.

18th December 2007

11:29am: Too much snow.
I was watching my dogs in the snow yesterday and I was inspired to sketch a picture of them.
Snow dogsCollapse )

29th November 2007

5:32pm: Secretary of State Rant
Today I had to spend some quality time at the Secretary of State office.
That place frightens me. As I was waiting for them to go through 329 more numbers to get to mine I entertained myself by watching the muted tv showing commercials about Michigan, lots of images of cliffs, water, and sand dunes. On about the third run of the same commercial I hear the moron next to me say to his girlfriend "look on tv, where is that Hawaii or something?". She was just as dumb because she wasn't really sure either what state was on tv in the MICHIGAN Secretary of State office. When the words Michigan come across the screen dipshit says to her "that's bullshit! That's false advertising. There's not that much water in Michigan and Michigan doesn't have a desert". At this point I'm trying not to laugh. I really wanted to explain to the dumb bastard that we are the Great Lake State because of all the Great big fucking lakes that surround us. And those aren't deserts, they are sand dunes, venture to the west side of the state sometime. My God, people annoy me sometimes.

The fucktards finally left so my attention was drawn to the white trash couple with the screaming 4 year old. I'm not sure of the kids name so let's call him Cletus. Mom and her boyfriend/brother were about to leave so she tells little Cletus to put on his coat. Cletus responds with "Fuck you, don't want to". Mom responds calmly with "don't say that, put your coat on it's cold outside". Cute little Cletus says "Shut up, Bitch". Mom says fine don't wear it then. The mom and brother/dad then open the door for Cletus so he can run out into the 30 degree weather with only a t-shirt on. If that was my child I would have left the little bastard there.

My next few minutes of waiting weren't as exciting. I was stuck listening to Christmas music. There is only one thing in this world that I hate more than Christmas and that is Christmas music. I was tortured with two of the absolute worst songs ever recorded. First was Bruce Springsteen's butchered rendition of Santa Claus is coming to Town. The song sounds like Bruce recorded it while in his bathroom. The grunting and straining in his voice seriously sounds like he is in the process of dropping some little brown elves off at the pool. After that was the cringe worthy song about the kid who wants to buy new shoes for his dieing mom because "She's going to meet Jesus tonight". Apparently when you get to Heaven they have a no shirt, no shoes, no service policy. When you get up the big ol' Pearly Gates make sure you're not barefoot or Saint Peter will boot your ass right out of there.

I'm never going to Sec. of State again. Next time Katie can go. It's her wifely duty.
That is why I bought her in the first place.

23rd October 2007

9:14am: Theatre Bizarre
Went to Theatre Bizarre this weekend.
It was fun from what I can remember.

Undead Bob Ross (me) made friends with some guy with a suit made of human flesh.
title or description

We're going to team up and fight crime together.

19th September 2007

9:30am: Don't forget!!!
Today is International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Too bad I'm at home all day by myself with only my two dogs to talk to.
And one of them can't even hear me. Arrrrrrr!
Current Mood: groggy

22nd August 2007

1:28pm: Very disturbing. . .
About twenty minutes ago I went up to Burger King to grab some lunch.
As I pull into a parking spot I noticed that there was only one other car in the lot. A creepy old guy was walking toward the other vehicle. As he walked past he looked at me, smiled and asked how I'm doing. Being polite I responded and walked into the restaurant. When I was in the restaurant I was the only customer, even the drive-thru was silent. I got my food and walked back out to my car. Tucked under my windshield wiper was a folded piece of notebook paper. Written in shakey handwriting it said "I'll do anything for you. Please email me at . . . and I will strip for you" I looked around to notice that the old guy from before was sitting in his car in the back of the lot watching me! I crumpled up the paper, threw it on the ground and got in my car.

I'm kinda creeped out.

6th August 2007

12:00pm: Please be 2008 already
I cannot wait for this fucking year to end.
If another bad thing happens to myself or somebody close to me I will be forced to build a giant ladder that reaches up to Heaven so that I can punch God in the face.

31st July 2007

1:43pm: Tired
I have been so exhausted lately. I don't sleep anymore.
Damn you dad for passing down your insomnia!

I'm jealous of Ike. That little bastard can sleep anywhere.
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title or description
Current Mood: tired

9th July 2007

9:32am: Sunburns and bug bites
Holy crap I'm in pain.

Yesterday we got back from camping. It was a fun weekend. The upper peninsula is beautiful except for all the bloodthirsty insects. We drove around quite a bit. Saw Lake Superior. Got sunburned on the top of my feet on a beach on Lake Michigan. Saw an eagle in her nest. Pet a baby bear at Oswald's bear ranch. Drank beer at a local brewery. Watched a doe and her fawn from the side of the road. Found a log shaped like a pencil with a skull face, I should've taken a picture of Skull Pencil before we burned him. Got horrible service at a crappy restaurant. Saw a coyote walking down the railroad tracks. Saw quite a bit of roadkill. Lot's of deer, a porcupine (which was still kind of interesting to see) and either a small bear or a baby bigfoot. It was hard to tell.

If you every go to the U.P. build up an appetite for smoked fish and pasties (pronounced pas-tee) because they sell that stuff everywhere.

And the radio stations really like playing Brian Adams.
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